Monday, November 21, 2011

Climbing, School days and Dentistry...November 12-18, 2011

Kaetlyn's Thoughts

I love to play and this week was no different than any other except I spent a LOT more time this week climbing on just about anything I could.  I also spent a lot of time trying to walk by myself.  I went 10 whole steps across the room on Friday without any help!  Mommy and Daddy are SO proud.

As it relates to climbing, I seem to be getting told, "No, Kaetlyn!  Get down!" an awful lot.  I've learned you can push walking toys over to the couch and climb on it, I demonstrated last week how you can use my play table to get on the coffee table, and I've learned how to push my stool over to Gracie's bassinet to get a better peek inside.  (Mommy says fortunately I can't get in there...yet!)  Daddy got some video of my climbing feats this week.  Look at how proud I am!!!

You may remember from an earlier post how much I enjoy shoes.  This week, I found something even more fun to play with... Daddy's boots!  :)

As you can see, they offer loads of fun, though they're VERY hard to walk in! :)

Also, this week I had my very first dentist appointment!  I ment my dentist, Dr. Donna and I really liked her.  She showed me how to play with plastic gloves and she gave me not one, but TWO toothbrushes!  She showed me how to brush (I love to brush my teeth...errr...chew on the toothbrush!) and she examined my mouth.  She said that my top teeth seem to be going to come in well and she can feel my incisors and first molars underneath my gums, which is all good.  Mommy and Daddy did have a bit of a surprise when she examined my bottom teeth.  It turns out the two teeth coming in on the bottom are NOT my bottom front teeth, but my bottom incisors.  When she looked, it appears that I will not get bottom front teeth, just the incisors...  Apparently, in kids with special chromosomes like I have, it's not uncommon for some of the teeth to not show up!  Dr. Donna says it's nature's orthodonture, given that I will likely have a small jaw.  My teeth will probably grow together and it will look like I have two front teeth...they'll just be my incisors!  We don't know if this means I won't have permanent teeth there either (which is likely) or not.  Dr. Donna assured Mommy and Daddy that it shouldn't impact my speech or use of my mouth.  Mommy told Dr. Donna that my lack of teeth is not stopping my ability to eat so far!  So, though it was very surprising to learn the teeth I have are not quite what we thought they were, Dr. Donna really knew what she was talking about and I LOVED HER, so we will be going back in 6 months for another check-in.  In the meantime, I'm going to brush, brush, brush!!! :)

Grace's Perspective
It was a big week for me this week...I started school!  I am in the room that Big Sister Kaet was in last year in school, and of course, I have Miss Audrey, Miss Kathy, and Miss Elsa taking care of me.  The very first day, they welcomed me with a big ole' sign, and I welcomed them with a massive blowout that required a full-on change of clothes within the first 3 minutes I was in the room.  I'm already breaking them in!  I also charmed them with my beautific smile.  Good thing I've got that, or after those first 3 minutes, they might've sent me packing!!!

My welcome sign!

Second outfit, big smile...aren't I a stinker (literally?!)
The same day I started, there was another kiddo starting in my classroom too.  His name is Benji.  He's not the same Benji as was in my Big Sister Kaet's class, but he's just as cute!  Here we are, hanging out together on one of the mats...
Hangin' with my friend Benji
This school thing is EXHAUSTING...there are a LOT of kids making noise here!
After the first day, I've been doing a lot more sleeping earlier and going to bed earlier at can be really exhausting to listen to all those kids cry in our rooms! 
Fast asleep or deep in thought?
It's been a long week, but I'm starting to get the hang of it.  It can only get easier from here on out (that's what Mommy says anyway!)  I'll leave you with my impression of a papoose as we get ready to have Thanksgiving next week.  It'll be my first...I can't wait!  :)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!! love the pix and video...looks alot like our home! teeth are something else! Maddie got her first just a few months ago and it was her molars and she just got her 2 year old molars! and a front tooth...on her left side there is not a top tooth incisor or anything but molars and the right size is filling in with a couple shark teeth...we will have them grind ed down so she does not herself! but teeth are awesome! and a great dentist is even better! hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I bet there school will have some amazing things going on! smiles

  2. whoo hoo look at those climbing skills!! And how great that she took 10 unassisted steps! Pretty soon she'll be running away!