Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WEEK 46 - April 7 - April 13, 2011 - 45 weeks old

Well, as you can see, despite the fact that I got sick (*again*) with croup, I have been a Happy Baby this last week.  Mommy and I are sorry it took us so long to get this post up, but with my sickness and Mommy's general feeling of constant exhaustion due to my impending Sissy, it's been a trying week.  Daddy has been a trooper and took a few pictures to document the week...

I just LOVE taking baths...because of my "urping", I get to have them every day...plus they help to get rid of crazy hair...
Kaety pre-bath

Look at my fancy hair...Daddy always likes to give me fancy bath hair!
Don't you LOVE the tub?!
Other than playing in the tub, coughing up a storm, and spending time with Mommy and Daddy, after last week's intensive therapy, we really kept pretty quiet this week.  Mommy and Daddy did get me a baby doll so I could practice how to deal with siblings...  Do you think I've got it down?!
We'll write way more next week...have a GREAT week! :)

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  1. I think you have it down!! you will be a SUPER big sister! sorry to hear your sick!! bad deal...it is spring and no time to be sick! Bath time really does rock and so does the pig tail aftermath! have a good week and get loads of sleep! smiles