Sunday, April 10, 2011

WEEK 45 - March 31 - April 6, 2011 - 44 weeks old

What a week!  I had Neuro-Developmental Therapy every day and learned SO MUCH.  It really knocked me out each day because I worked so hard, but at the end, Ms. Bren and Ms. Karen were both really proud of all the work I did and the strides I made.  And through it all...I was a happy, happy little girl! 

This week in NDT therapy, Ms. Bren and Ms. Karen really helped me focus on strengthening my core, standing with a secure base, cruise furniture, and work on my tongue thrusting.  I'm here to tell you, this was HARD work, people. 
Working on building those belly muscles!
I spent a lot of time learning to "turn my stomach on" which, apparently means baby situps.  What it does is help me learn to be more secure in my standing and help me in pulling myself up. 
Ms. Karen (left) and Ms. Bren (right) help me with standing solidly
Working on walking to the big red roll...

Helping me with balance on the big red roll...
Taking a BIG step!
Look at me balance!
This is SO MUCH FUN (but hard, I mean REALLY hard, can't you tell?!) :)
On the positive side, after all this therapy, I've now proven that I can pull myself up on many things at home.  On the negative side, Mommy and Daddy are in trouble!
Climbing to improve strength
Single-leg balancing with Ms. Karen and Ms. Bren...I'm ROCKING this!
Ms. Bren working on leg and belly strength with me...
One of the speech therapists who set up the whole NDT training at the Center, Ms. Gayloid, spent some extra-special time with me evaluating my tongue. 
Coolest chew toy ever!
The good news is that my tongue is not hypotonic or "lazy"; on fact, it is actually quite strong.  The bad news is that I'm using it as a compensatory mechanism and balance mechanism.  I just need to learn to keep it in my mouth.  Ms. Gayloid gave Mommy lots of things to try at home and Mommy was really excited because, for the first time EVER, she felt like there were things we could focus on to work on my very active tongue! 
Learning to keep my tongue in my mouth...
These ladies are FUNNY!
Mommy's going to keep working me and work with Ms. Colleen to keep up the hard work.  She's asked Ms. Donna at SKIP if it would be possible for me to get therapy every week, rather than every other week, and for me to split my time between an OT and a PT.  
Practicing sitting and standing with a funny noisemaker for your bottom...
I told you Ms. Bren was funny, right?
I really learned a LOT this past week and Mommy doesn't want to slow it down.  In the end, Ms. Bren and Ms. Karen told Mommy that I learn quickly and should be challenged as much as possible (I could've told them that, as could Ms. Audrey!), so Mommy's going to see what we can do.  For me...I guess that means more tiring sessions...WHEW!  But I'm excited by what I can learn!

Practicing keeping my tongue in with my newest toy at baby doll!

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  1. I am so in LOVE with the pig tails!! what a week! and great strides! we have that dino and he rocks! now Maddie rides him around the house...the tongue can be so tricky for our kiddos...amazing what a nuk can do...Maddie seems to let it hang out when she is tired and/or sick...Wookie Cushion (as Max calls it) is awesome!! for Maddie's therapy at home we set up a obstacle course with tunnels and pillows and encourage this at home...have a wonderful week...smiles