Saturday, June 16, 2012

We're BAAAACK! May 2012

Kaetlyn's Thoughts
It's been a long time since we've posted.  Way too long!  Lots and lots of things have happened in the 6 weeks we've been absent and silent.  Here are some of the highlights:

AVERY!  My new cousin, Avery, was born at the beginning of May to my Mommy's cousin Kristin.  We think she's pretty spectacular (well, both Avery and Kristin) :)

SUNSHINE!  We've actually had some nice weather here in Seattle...I even got to go outside and play in my pool with Gracie! 

(I didn't wait for Mom to get a bathing suit on me, so neither did Gracie :))
On the playground with my sisters...
Coloring in the sun with Sissy - it doesn't get better than this!
BIRTHDAY PARTY!  One of my friends turned two and I got to go to his birthday party and experience my very first bouncy house.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Me and my friend Jake
SCHOOL!  Just before turning two, I have also graduated to a new class at school - the TWO's class!  My new teachers, Ms. Estelle and Ms. Katrina are super nice, but I have been missing my Mrs. Linda.  Fortunately, I get to see her out on the playground just about every day.  I have so much fun in school playing with friends.  In my new class, I get to be with my friend Madison, who I love.  I also get to play with Gracie on concourse or see her on the playground sometimes! I was welcomed into my new classroom with LOTS of hugs, which makes Mommy happy to see that I make friends so easily.

My friend Madison and me
Being welcomed by Lianna...
...and Trevor
I've got the hang of this now...going in for a hug with Avery.
Saaj loves me...on the playground...
Saaj and me playing on the playground.  We LOVE to play together.
Gracie is out for a buggy ride adn I get to see her!!!
And we get to play on the concourse...
Yeah - BIG fan of this place!
I TURNED TWO!  I saved the best for last. My age is officially no longer measured in months, but in years. 


We had a low-key birthday (because Mom was still trying to get ready for state Special Olympics), but we had a lot of fun. 

I got to go to the zoo with my Olmsted cousins and I had my very own princess ice cream cake.  Who doesn't love that?! 
"Riding" the bear outside the carousel at the zoo...
Riding the carousel.  SO.  MUCH.  FUN!!!

I got some fantastic presents - I am a VERY VERY lucky little girl.  I got my VERY OWN Bicycle, a new dolly to use in the bathtub, and my very own trampoline and new VEGGIETALES DVDs (I LOVE them!) among other things!
My birthday purse from Mrs. Linda!
New Bike!  Gracie seems to think she can help me learn to ride it...we shall see!

Have I mentioned I love VeggieTales?!

Gracie's Perspective
I am growing by leaps and bounds...I am 9 MONTHS OLD NOW!  Mom and Dad can hardly believe it!  I am into everything and am quickly trying desperately to keep up with my sister.   I want to walk SOOOOO badly!  Some of my May highlights are:

FOOD!  I can say that I'm *finally* starting to eat solids better.  Chewing and swallowing can be difficult on a girl!  That said, I am a big fan of NON-baby food.  If it's puree'ed, don't even think I'll eat it.  It needs to have some substance or I am turned off completely!
Look at me eatin' like a big girl!
Mid-scarfing with my best buddy, Ava
A spoon...soon it will be filled with deliciousness!
PLAYING!  I am into EVERYTHING these days.  I love stuffed animals (I like to wrestle them!) and I love to play with anything (and I mean ANYTHING) I can push across the floor and walk behind.  I am a champion climber and will get on anything I can!

Yes, I climbed up the slide to get up here all by myself...

SUNSHINE!  I know Big Sister Kaet mentioned we have had sunshine.  Unless you live in the Seattle area, I'm not sure you realize what a big deal that is around here.  It means PARK TIME and POOL TIME!  YAY!
Climbing UP the slide on the playground

Yeah - I'm just that cute.
Swimming Baby
Off to the park
ZOO!  I had my first trip to the zoo for Sister Kaet's birthday and we had a great time.  I especially liked hanging with my Auntie Rachel!!!
This zoo place is sort of fun!

I love my Aunt Rachel

TALKIN!  I make so many sounds and LOVE to talk.  I'm very vocal about just about everything and the great thing about it is I'm making my Big Sister Kaet make more different sounds too!!!

JUST PLAIN PRETTY.  Mommy doesn't have a category for these shots except to say that she thinks I've got a pretty spectacular smile and sharing it with everyone is the right thing to do!!!
Coy and cute...
Pretty in purple
I mean really?  Can I get any cuter?  Probably not...
Just bein' silly with Dad.
I came home from school one day in this very stripedy outfit...I thought it was just as funny as Mom did!
We hope to be back online more regularly now that Special Olympics is over.  We'll post about our trip to Florida and some fun adventures later this week!!! :)

Until then...have a GREAT day!

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