Saturday, June 18, 2011

Teeth, Dr. Visits, Playtime & IFSP updates...Oh My! June 11 - June 17, 2011

Hello!!!  There is big news this week...I HAVE A TOOTH!  Mommy couldn't get a picture of it and it's JUST started to poke through, but it's definitely there!  It's my bottom right front tooth and I'm very interested in feeling it and playing with it with my tongue.  I'm very excited to try it out as it grows in!

Though I'm very excited about my tooth, I did have a little bit of a bad week because I ended up with a staph infection on my girl parts and bottom! :(  Last week, when I hurt my eye, Mommy and Daddy also had the doctor check out what looked like the beginning of a diaper rash.  He gave them a prescription cream to use on my "area" for up to 10 days.  So, Mommy and Daddy used it and my "diaper rash" steadily got worse.  In fact, on day 9 of the 10 days, it got really bad, where I had some of the sores starting to ooze and let me tell you, when I peed, it HURT!!!  So, Mommy took me straight to Dr. P.  She saw my bum area and said, "Oh My!"  She said it wasn't a diaper rash or yeast infection, but looked like strep.  She ran a strep test, which came back negative, and then said, "It's appears to be a staph infection."  Mommy felt really awful, but Dr. P assured her the issue was that the medicine the other dr. gave us just exacerbated the problem.  In any case, she gave Mommy some new antibiotic cream and some special "Triple Cream" to put on my lady parts and bottom.  I'm happy to report that 4 days later, it's starting to go away and I'm back to sleeping through the night without waking up screaming from my diaper area!  Mommy knows now that pediatricians, NOT urgent care doctors, know best about baby's sensitive areas!

In other news, my school had a really nice picnic over the weekend and I went.  Ms. Audrey and Ms. Elsa, Ms. Jayme and Ms. Ellen were all there and I got to picnic and play at the beach park where the picnic was.  It wasn't a "warm" day, but it was not raining, so we'll take it!  While at the park, I got to ride on the swingset and...a MOTORCYCLE!  I also got to eat part of a HOT DOG for the first THAT is good food!

Kaety riding a "motorcycle" with Daddy's help
I did a lot of playing with new things and displaying new skills this week as well.  I am a BIG FAN of riding in my little red wagon that Uncles Kevin & Tommy gave me for my birthday...

...and I learned how to use Nester as an acrobatic platform (Mommy's not entirely thrilled with this new feat!)...

Kaety standing on Nester's back!
...I've also figured out how to stand up and open the cabinets in the kitchen.  Let me tell you, there is some FUN STUFF in there!

This makes GREAT noise!
We also updated my IFSP with Ms. Colleen and Ms. Donna this week.  I accomplished about 95% of the items from our update 6 months ago.  Things I still need to work on include:
  • sounds other than "dadadada"  (I do say bababa, mamamama, though infrequently)
  • learning to sign words and more sign understanding
  • working on tongue control
  • continued focus on building core strength so I can stand and walk on my own. 
Things I'm going to work on in the next 6 months in addition to the continuation of the above include:
  • differentiating objects from flash cards
  • learning at least one word that means something
  • eating with utensils (what are those?!)
  • more learning on "nice touches" so I don't continue to pull hair and supposedly to prepare me for when Baby Sister comes in a few months. 
I'm excited to try new things, and I'm sure I'll continue to surprise everyone with how much I want to do!

With all the things to work on, I have several things that I'm doing that surprised Ms. Donna in particular such as: 
  • turning and moving from one object to another while "cruising"
  • climbing up 2 stairs
  • making choices in objects (though Mommy doesn't think I really do it too consciously yet!). 
In addition, Mommy's going to start taking me to swim lessons as soon as I'm 13-14 months old and they'll let me in the class.  We're already on the wait list, but we'll have to see when I get in.  I'm pretty excited about that! :)

Finally, the other news this week is I got my "walking" papers!  Officially on July 5th, I'll start to transition out of Ms. Audrey's room into a new classroom with other toddlers.  Mommy's sad we're leaving Ms. Audrey, but happy that Baby Sister will be in Ms. Audrey's room this fall.  I'm going to be going into the same classroom as my friends Peyton and Christopher, so that should help the transition a bit.  Stay tuned for more information on how this goes in the coming weeks!

Have a GREAT week...Ta Ta For Now... :)

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  1. new tooth!! YEAH!! no wonder everything is tasting soooo good...way cool that your baby sister gets to be in the same room you were in...that has to be a good feeling for your mom and dad! you can check in when she needs your help!! so bummed about your bum! that has to hurt...wowsa...looks like you are rocking...have a GREAT week! smiles