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Being One Year: The First Two Weeks: May 28, 2011 - June 10, 2011

I'm Back!  You may have noticed that I took a week off from writing after my BIG birthday.  We had a lot going on here and I got a little tied up with all the activity, so please forgive me.  I'll try to be better from this point on!
After my big day, that first weekend, I had a really nice party at a kid's museum here in Seattle.  I had lots of friends who came to my party and my Grandma Ward was here for the party as well.  My Sissy came to spend the weekend with me and she played with me a lot during my party. 

I received a lot of really neat gifts including a photo album of my first year from my friend Kayla, a bobby car, my very own beach chair and cooking pots, some really fantastic books and puzzles, a drum and musical instruments, and a beach towel for when I start swimming lessons!  You can see that I really enjoyed myself and my presents!
The following week after my party, I went to visit Dr. P for my one year checkup.  Dr. P was really pleased with all my development.  She said the only things from her perspective I really need to work on are talking and keeping my tongue in my mouth.  We're still working on the reflux issue, but it IS getting better.  I just have to keep to soy milk and not eat things like yogurt, or put too much in my body at once and I can mostly keep it under control with my daily Prilosec.  Which is good, and is proven by the fact that Dr. P says I'm a BIG girl, but still have a little are my one year stats:
WEIGHT: 22 lbs, 12 oz.  (75% on a typical scale)
HEIGHT:  28.75 inches (50% on a typical scale)
HEAD:  17 inches around (5% on a typical scale :( )
Daddy says that though my head is small, it is just efficient. :)

The next big events after my doctor appointment was a weekend full of FUN FUN FUN!  My best bud Kayla turned one year old (we're very close in age!) and I got to go to her birthday party. 

It was a BEAUTIFUL day here and we spent it at a park at her party, looking out over the water and Olympic mountains in the sunshine....AHHHHH!

Kayla and me
I also got to eat cake!  Have I mentioned how much I LOOOVE cake?  MMMMM! :)

The day after Kayla's birthday, I got to go to my very first Special Olympics!  Mommy's old boss is the event director for the Athletics events for WA State Special Olympics, so she got us passes to attend.  I saw lots of people running and jumping and walking and it was very exciting.  Plus, they had a petting zoo there and I got to touch both a chicken and a kitty.  I even did nice petting on the kitty!  Mommy was very proud of me.  We met a very nice lady named Elizabeth who is 44 and has Down Syndrome too.  She was extremely excited to meet me, a baby with DS, and made sure all her friends knew I was special like her.  She talked to Mommy and Daddy for a while.  She lives in Olympia, WA in her own apartment!  Her brother lives in Australia, which is very exotic.  She was a really nice lady.

Unfortunately, while we were at Special Olympics, I had a moment when Daddy was holding me where I got VERY upset.  We're talking MAJOR meltdown, which I hardly ever do.  Mommy and Daddy thought I got stung by an insect or something happened because all of a sudden, my right eye started watering and got purple and started swelling.  Pretty much from that point on, I was not a very happy girl.  Mommy and Daddy left and tried to go to a nice lunch at the beach at Alki, but I was REALLY upset and just kept crying and crying.  Finally, Mom and Dad decided a trip to the Urgent Care was in order.  So, we headed over right before they closed and lo and behold, the dr. saw that I had a big ole' scratch across my eye.  I guess I did it with one of my fingernails (which were immediately cut the minute we got home!).  SO...they gave me eye medicine and put a patch over my eye.  I didn't even mind the patch, I was so relieved not to have light hitting it and from that point on, I played nicely the rest of the day! ;)

Later on in the week, my Aunties from the East Coast, Liz and Jacqui, sent me some wonderful gifts for my birthday.  One of them was a REALLY cool car that I absolutely LOVE!  Daddy put it together for me and I've been begging to ride in it pretty much every day!  Sissy, Mommy, and Daddy have all helped me move around in my new car.  Have I mentioned I'm a REALLY lucky little girl?!

Well, I think we're all caught up now.  I've got lots more fun things to share next week...stay tuned!  Have a great week! :)


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  1. Happy Birthday BIG GIRL!! sorry to hear about your eye!! that is a painful deal!! but it sounds like a wonderful birthday week! I LOVE the pig tails... to cute...have a wonderful summer! smiles