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Hood Canal Explorations & Adventures - July 28 & 29, 2012

Kaetlyn & Gracie Together at the Shore…
We are woefully behind in blog entries and have SO MUCH to share about the last two weeks, but we needed to write about our adventure two weekends ago and felt it really deserved its own entry!

We spent the last week of July at the Hood Canal with Mommy and Daddy's friends.  Mr. Hiep and Ms. Hanh and their kids Ella and Evan have a house right on the water with a dock that stretches out over the water!  It was our family's first time going to the Hood Canal and BOY did we have fun!! 
Mr. Hiep & Ella with Gracie
Though the first day was cloudy, the temperatures were right in the high 70’s, so it was absolutely perfect.  We got to make new friends with Ella, Evan and Lucas and spend time with Aunt Jen, Uncle Ben and Mr. Matt and Ms. Jen. 
Ella and Gracie getting to know each other
Fast friends!

We even got to play with the dogs who were there.  They had very appropriate Seattle names:  Rainbow & Thunder!
Gracie, Rainbow & Thunder
Mommy and Kaetlyn eating...we did a LOT of eating!
And sometimes you have to watch PBS Kids when at the beach.  Just sometimes...
Sunset over the water.  We were so lucky to have such a beautiful day!

The second day we were there started out by doing some exploration.  We woke up really early (as we always do), so Mommy and Daddy took us on a walk to explore the homes nearby. 

As you can see…it was early enough that NO ONE was out yet!
Gracie walkin' down the middle of the ONLY one was up.  It was EARLY!
Kaety & Daddy walkin' down the road
Kaetlyn - rock star

After our walk, it was low tide, so we got to explore and see all kinds of neat things.  Ms. Hanh picked oysters from the sand and we got to touch them.  Plus, we found an OCTOPUS who got stuck when the tide went out.  It was super cool!  We also got to touch sea stars and see lots of baby crabs running around on the sand. 
Mr. Matt and our new friend, Lucas exploring the dock & its adventures at low tide.
Gracie and Mommy exploring at low tide
Kaety and Uncle Ben.  LOVE.
Lucas showing off a buoy
Fresh Oysters!!!

Mommy got to go in a boat with Mr. Hiep and Aunt Jen to go pull up crab pots and see if there were any crabs for us to eat.  They found a BUNCH and then we got to explore about crabs, which was really fun!
Aunt Jen & Mr. Hiep crabbing
This is a female crab.  We had to send her back.  See how she looks underneath!?!
Our friend, Mr. Crab
Kaetlyn explores crabs with Mr. Matt and Lucas
Gracie learns about crabs from Uncle Ben
YUMMO.  Dinner.
Hmmmm...what's this?  Gracie learns about exoskeletons.
Aunt Jen shows off the crab bounty
Mommy makes a crab look like fun!
Beautiful girl by the water

We tried our hand at “land kayaking” and then, as the weather cleared up, we got an opportunity to go swimming in the canal when the tide came in!
Fun in kayaks
Looking like a seasoned kayaker
Aunt Jen and Gracie touch the water
Sometimes a baby just has to be naked in the water!  (With Aunt Jen & Ella)
Big girls get bathing suits, and still love the water!

Contemplative Kaet - post swim

I love these chairs. Can we get some?
Ms. Jen, Aunt Jen & Kaet pointing at something AMAZING!
The view from the house w/ Mommy and Mr. Hiep
FINALLY we got to eat the fresh oysters Ms. Hanh found and the crabs Mr. Hiep caught.  Talk about fresh seafood!  It was AMAZING!
Oysters, anyone?!

Ready to EAT!!!
Crabs in a pot...boiled in BEER!
Aunt Jen demonstrating the fine art of crab feasting!

All in all, we had THE MOST FANTASTIC time and Mommy and Daddy are now looking at house rentals so we can go back sometime…  We’re all for that! J

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